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Below is a list of the most frequently queries that we receive with our explanatory answers. Feel free to contact us for any further queries you may have

1. How do I make an order?
You just have to fill in our Request Form and choose which kind of service you need. In the request form it is necessary that you insert your details, choose the service and let us know the complete address and corresponding phone number for the final shipment. Based on your order we will send you our Proforma Invoice for the payment.

2. Can I order more than one certificate or legalization?
Yes, of course. Through our Request Form you can choose to request more than one service. You will also find a section to add further information about your request.

3. How do you calculate the total fees to be paid?
We do have a price list in place for each service. In our invoice you will also find additional expenses, such as couriers and government fees if applicable. Everything will be included in our quotation and you won’t have any additional costs.

4. What are government fees?
Government fees have to be paid for specific goods or services rendered by the government. These fees must be paid at the moment of the request, directly to the relevant office.

5. How can I pay for the service requested?
You can pay through bank transfer or by credit card through the Western Union website. We will provide you all details with our quotation.

6. What are the bank details for the transfer?
Account Holder Ad.Co Srl
CAB 71860
IBAN IT29 R 08425 71860 000040327157
Please notice that any extra bank expenses should be paid by the client.

7. Are there any other ways to pay?
Yes, you can choose to pay the service by credit card through the Western Union website. You can use the same bank details provided for transfer.

8. What happens after payment is received?
As soon as we receive the payment we can proceed with your order. Tax code can be obtained in just 1 working day. For other services, it is necessary to check directly with the office for confirmation of timeframes. We will expedite the process as much as possible to procure a fast service.

9. Which documents should I send you?
Please note for us to request a new certificate it is necessary to receive a scanned copy of your passport or Italian identity card and a signed power of attorney. We will prepare a draft of the power of attorney for you to sign. If you only require the legalization of a certificate, we will need to receive the original certificate. It is only possible in a few cases for us to proceed with a scanned copy, so we will be able to confirm this matter once you have made your request.

10.What is a power of attorney?
The power of attorney is simply a written declaration where you give us the power to act on your behalf as per your request and obtain and collect certain documents.

11.How long does it take to obtain the certificates/legalizations?
Tax code can be obtained in just 1 working day. For other services, it is necessary to check directly with the office for confirmation of timeframes. We will expedite the process as much as possible to procure a fast service.

12.How do I receive the original certificate from you?
First, we will send you a scanned copy of the certificate by e-mail. Original is sent by express courier to your address – for the shipment we will need a complete address and corresponding phone number.

13.What is a “Negative Result”?
We will communicate a “Negative Result” if nothing has been found during the search of your certificate. This may happen especially in cases of Historical researches, when the certificate being requested is usually older than a hundred years. Please note, for this type of search, you pay for our service and the request, so money cannot be refunded in case of a Negative Result.

14.Is it possible to make a previous check for the certificate request?
Depending on the office where the request is submitted, we can first check if your request is feasible.

15.When will I receive your invoice?
You will receive a scanned copy of our invoice by e-mail after the payment has been made. Then, if requested, we will also send you the original copy by courier together with your original document.


We have a network of more than 70 counselors in most Italian cities and we can cover assist with any search also in remote locations.


Below is a list of the most frequently queries that we receive with our explanatory answers. Feel free to contact us for any further queries you may have

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