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Tax Code


The individual tax number (codice fiscale) is an identity code used throughout Italian public institutions and ministries and is issued by the Tax Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate).

Can I request it?

Everyone can request an Italian Tax code. It is not necessary to be Italian and the request can be done even by subjects not resident in Italy.

What do I need to obtain my Italian tax code?

You just need your exact residence address (address abroad can be accepted) and copy of your passport

How long does it take?

We can obtain your Italian Tax Code on your behalf in just 1 working day.

How is the tax code generated for an individual?

The tax code is made up of an expression of 16 alphanumeric characters, as follows:

  • The first 3 characters are the first 3 consonants of the surname (when the consonants are less than 3, they are integrated with the first vowel until there are 3 characters, if the last name has 2 characters, the third is the letter X)
  • The same is for the name, which provides the second group of 3 letters of the code (when the name contains more than 3 consonants the first, third and fourth are taken)
  • The first 2 numbers (seventh and eighth characters of the tax code) are the last 2 digits of the year of birth
  • The ninth character is a letter representing the month of birth
  • The next 2 numbers are the date of birth, for female it is calculated by adding 40
  • The characters from 12 to 15 indicate the place of birth (city code or foreign state code) The last character is alphabetic.

What happens in case of “OMOCODIA”?

It may happen that two or more people have the same personal data that generates the same tax code (“omocodici”). In these cases, the Revenue agency assigns a new tax code to each of them, calculated from the one generated based on the data.

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