Terms and conditions

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The following terms and conditions shall apply to the services rendered by our company.

  1. The customer shall receive a quotation in writing for the services requested (including costs and expenses to be incurred) and shall be asked to confirm his acceptance in writing. When possible our company will also indicate the estimated time for the provision of the services but any such indication shall be provisional and shall not be binding.
  2. Upon receiving the customer’s acceptance, the customer shall be sent a pro forma invoice with all details and instructions for the payment
  3. Upon receiving confirmation of the payment, our company shall start working on the file. We will inform the customer should any delays occur and/or problems arise. Upon completion of the services, the customer shall be informed in writing and shall be asked to provide the address (including telephone) where the documents can be shipped. Our company shall use for the shipment only major shipping companies, such as Fedex or DHL. Our company shall not be responsible for any delays in the delivery of the documents or loss of the same. In case of loss, our company shall reimburse the customer only the amount that it shall be obtained by the shipping company, if any. Any further claims or requests that the customer can have, shall be brought directly against the shipping company and no claims whatsoever shall be brought by the customer against our company.
  4. The customer must inform our company in advance, in writing, should he require that the shipment of any documents is covered by a special policy insurance. In such a case, we will request a quotation to the shipping company and the customer will need to cover the additional costs.
  5. In the event that the services cannot be completed, the following will apply: (a) If only part of the services are completed, our company shall retain the applicable portion of the price and the expenses incurred and shall reimburse the balance of the price to the customer; (b) If the services cannot be completed for reasons attributable solely to gross negligence or mistakes of our company, our company shall reimburse to the customer 100% of the price paid. Our company shall not be liable for any damages, including consequential damages, loss of profits and any other damages, costs, expenses and any other negative consequences and the customer waives any rights and/claims; (c) If the services cannot be completed for reasons not attributable to our company, the customer shall receive the reimbursement of the portion of the price paid relative to activities which have not been completed, detracted any costs and expenses incurred by our company.
  6. Any controversy relative to or connected with the provision of services by our company which cannot be settled amicably within 30 days, shall be governed by Italian Law shall be referred by either party to arbitration for final resolution. The arbitration shall take place in Siena before a single arbitrator appointed jointly by the parties or failing that by application by one of the parties to the President of the Tribunal. Any awards made by the arbitrator shall be final and binding on the parties and any award of costs shall be at the discretion of the arbitrator. The language of the arbitration shall be Italian.
  7. Any notice of claim or complaints must be addressed to: Alessandro Mazzeschi – Ad.Co. Srl, Viale Majno 17, 20129 Milano, Italy and anticipated via fax at +39.0577.924530.
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